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Student Recitals - Guitar Gatherings

Guitar Gatherings are informal recitals where Paper Moon Musicstudents can perform for each other in a relaxed and supportive environment. Their is no obligation to perform; all students are invited to participate or simply come and watch other students play songs they've been working on in their guitar lessons. Guitar Gatherings provide a great way for students to work toward and focus on a goal. Recitals also give students of all ages composure and confidence in performing (and speaking) in front of an audience.  Practice your performance skills, get inspired by other students, and get exposed to different guitar styles!

Recent Gatherings

Guitar Gathering Group

Bryce Leonard performs "Time is on My Side"

Mark LeSage plays from "Six Lute Pieces
of the Renaissance"

Tony Romell performs the Brazilian tune "Manha do Carnaval"

Larry Risen plays a "Rumba Flamenca"

Bob Erker plays some flamenco