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Dillon Casey Paper Moon Music guitar, piano, banjo, and lap steel InstructorDillon Casey is an experienced multi-instrumentalist instructor, performer, and session musician who teaches guitar, piano, banjo, and lap steel in a wide variety of styles. A San Diego native, he has studied and performed with some of the most notable musicians and won multiple music awards.

Dillon started with piano as his first instrument at age 11. He studied jazz in the La Costa Canyon High School Jazz Band and was gigging professionally as a guitarist by age 14. He then enrolled as a music major at San Diego State University, where he earned a degree in Classical Guitar Performance under world-famous classical guitarist Celin Romero. Receiving a scholarship to study in Spain, Dillon worked under legendary guitarists Manuel Barrueco and David Russell. Upon returning to San Diego, he continued to study jazz guitar under local luminaries Peter Sprague and Bob Boss and became an accomplished banjo player in the Earl Scruggs bluegrass style. Dillon continues to be a performing musician, playing guitar, piano, banjo, and lap steel in a wide array of bands and musical groups from folk and country to rock and jazz, winning multiple awards (including Best New Artist for his group The New Archaic in 2009 and Best Alternative in 2010, and best Jazz act in 2011 at the San Diego Music Awards, among many more). He also performs in San Diego groups the Styletones, Rebecca Jade and the Cold Fact, Privet, and Second Cousins.

Dillon's passion for teaching began while still in high school, where he taught group guitar classes at the Magdalena YMCA and has since gone on to educate many a fledgling musician. He focuses on developing rhythm, proper technique, an understanding of theory and composition, all while making the lessons fun and interesting for the student.