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Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Latin Guitar, Brazilian Guitar, World Music Guitar, Ambient Guitar, Classical Acoustic Guitar, Ambient Acoustic Guitar, Flamenco Acoustic Guitar


Nate Ware is a Tokyo-born guitarist knowledgeable in a variety of musical styles. His early obsession with heavy metal was what first compelled him to become a musician and learn guitar, an education that began with Fred Benedetti, George Svoboda, and Robert Wetzel on the Classical Guitar in 2003.


Nate was introduced to Brazilian music, which, more than any other style of music, has become his main musical focus and source of inspiration. Starting with solo guitar arrangements of bossa nova and choro standards, Nate's exposure and love of Brazilian music has grown to include Samba and Northeastern Brazilian styles of music such as forr?, frevo, and ax?. In addition to his focus on Brazilian music, Nate has also focused on electric guitar technique, rock repertoire, and most recently, jazz guitar and jazz theory. He has also worked within the world of electronic music.




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