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Scott Taber Paper Moon Music InstructorScot Taber   is a skilled and experienced guitar teacher and performer committed to studying the instrument and guiding others in this pursuit.

Studying, performing, and writing music since the age of eleven, when he took up the trumpet, Scot later played piano and finally turned to the guitar, exploring Rock and Jazz styles and later Classical and Flamenco under acclaimed guitarists Adam Schydlower (of Gypsy Jazz and World Beat groups Gitano and the Desert Prophets and Desert Moon)... Click here to learn more.
Joe Amato Paper Moon Music InstructorJoe Amato  has studied a wide range of styles in his twenty year relationship with the guitar, from playing in bands at age 12, to studying at prestigious universities and performing internationally.

Studying music composition, classical guitar, and jazz theory at such schools as the University of North Texas, Rice University, and the University of Texas at Austin, Joe finally received a bachelor's degree in Classical Guitar Performance at Southwest Texas State University. He then went on to acquire ... Click here to learn more.
Nate Ware Paper Moon Music InstructorNate Ware  is a Tokyo-born multi-instrumentalist knowledgeable in a variety of musical styles. Nate has been a musical educator for over 15 years with a teaching history spanning all age groups and experience levels.

Nate teaches guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, banjo, cavaquinho and ukulele. Samba/MPB, Classical/Flamenco, Funk, and Country/Americana/Folk.

His approach to teaching is focused on the personal goals and growth of his clients, which are of course, allowed to change and expand. Sessions will focus on the most important things: applied music theory, technique, repertoire, and personal expression... Click here to learn more.
Izabela Jodkowska Paper Moon Music InstructorIzabela Jodkowska  A native of Poland, Izabela began studying piano at the age of six. She would later go on to master the piano after receiving twelve years of extensive music education at the Music Institute of Bialystok, where she graduated as a Professional Piano & Music Teacher. Izabela relocated to the US in 2004, where she began teaching music in elementary schools and giving private piano lessons. She has developed music education programs for K1-K5, directed school choirs, and organized concerts and recitals for students....Click here to learn more.
Alexander Meyers Paper Moon Music InstructorAlexander Meyers´  love for music was instilled early on by his musical family. After discovering rock and classical guitar styles, Alex pursued music academically under acclaimed guitarists George Svoboda and Fred Benedetti, earning a Bachelor of Music degree in 2006 and a Master of Music in classical guitar performance in 2009 from San Diego State University.

Alex began teaching individual and group guitar lessons in 2000, guiding students in music performance, theory, and ensemble...Click here to learn more.
Amanda Leon  Paper Moon Music InstructorAmanda Limon   is a committed and hardworking teacher, she strives for student success in all aspects of music, instilling an appreciation and understanding of many musical styles including contemporary and popular music as well as classical, romantic, and baroque genres.

Limon began a decade of piano education at age 5 with acclaimed instructors Farizat and Zarema Tchiviroba, after which she studied privately with renowned international pianist Dr. Karen Follingstad. Amanda would then enter the piano performance degree program at San Diego State University under Follingstad's tutelage, along the way earning - at the ages of... Click here to learn more.
Kevin Freeby Paper Moon Music InstructorKevin Freeby, bassist, has performed around the globe as a sideman in a wide range of musical styles. Recognized as a solid groove player and well versed soloist, he teaches all levels of bass guitar from beginner to advanced - in styles ranging from pop, rock, and funk to jazz and world music.

Kevin has performed with many amazing musicians, including Karl Denson, Jason Mraz, Marco Minnemann, Flamenco legend Ines Bacan, Mitch Forman, Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu...Click here to learn more.
Michael Bayless Paper Moon Music InstructorMichael Bayless has been teaching, recording and touring as a professional guitarist since he was appointed head of the first guitar department at The Master's University in Los Angeles, California at the age of 20.

His education spans many prestigious Universities including University of Southern California (USC), University of North Texas, Montana State University, and was later accepted to NYU and offered a music scholarship to Oxford University, England...Click here to learn more.