Alex Meyers

Guitar Teacher

Alexander Meyers’ love for music was instilled early on by his musical family. After discovering rock and classical guitar styles, Alex pursued music academically under acclaimed guitarists George Svoboda and Fred Benedetti, earning a Bachelor of Music degree in 2006 and a Master of Music in classical guitar performance in 2009 from San Diego State University.

Alex began teaching individual and group guitar lessons in 2000, guiding students in music performance, theory, and ensemble. He headed and expanded the guitar department of the Ray & Joan Kroc Center of Performing Arts from 2004-09. During this time, Alex traveled the world directing international youth service programs for the University of Northern Iowa, presenting student recitals for military youth living abroad in Europe and Asia.

A teacher with great dedication to the artistry of guitar, Alex brings a unique appeal to music and teaching. He has performed on stages worldwide and collaborated with a wide variety of musicians from small ensembles to orchestras. He brings this experience into his lessons every day. For 14 years Alex has maintained a committed career as a teacher and performer in San Diego.

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