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Useful Links and Resources

The following links will take you to articles, resources, and interesting websites about the guitar and its history:

Dirk's Guitar Page - A treasure trove of great (and free!) classical guitar sheet music both in tablature and standard notation. Some of the arrangements here are not the best, but nevertheless this is a great archive of hundreds of the most popular pieces in the classical guitar repertoire.

Classical Guitar Blog - A continuously updated blog of inspiring classical guitar videos, practice tips, musical advice and more!

ClassicalGuitarMIDI.com - Listen to how those classical pieces you're working on are supposed to sound. This is a large archive of MIDI files of works from the classical guitar canon.

FREE Online Guitar Tuner - A videoon the same page will show you how to string your guitar.

FREE Online Metronome - with selectable tempos from 40 bpm (largo) to 208 bpm (prestissimo).

Guitar Delicacies - MP3s and tablatures (as PDF and Zip files) of famous traditional Flamenco falsetas, Classical guitar pieces, Jazz standards, and Rock songs.

A History of Music Notation – Read this article to learn about how music notation has evolved from ancient times to the present.

Music Theory Basics– An article on the fundamentals of theory and harmony.

Musictheory.net - A very educational interactive music theory program. Warning: you must know your music fundamentals to understand this site!

Music Theory Note Trainer - Click this link to test your knowledge of notes on the guitar fretboard. See how fast you can choose the correct note!

History of Jazz Guitar– A brief overview of the Jazz style with links to Jazz guitar sites and artist pages.

History of the Classical guitar – From the medieval lute to the modern Spanish guitar, the story of all modern guitar genres begins here.

The Electric Guitar – Learn what an electric guitar is made of, how it works, and its history.

Sheet Music Plus– Order instructional books and sheet music online from this Internet music store.

Powertabs.net – A continually updated archive of guitar scores for all styles of music.

Important Guitarists and Composers Past and Present: