Guitar, Ukulele, Bass guitar, Upright Bass and Piano teacher

With a solid footing in both popular music and the classical realm, Elyahn provides instruction in guitar, electric and upright bass, piano and ukulele to students of all ages.

His musical journey began in high school, where he developed a passion for music through playing the electric bass in marching and metal/punk bands, and the double bass in concert and jazz bands. Additionally, he played guitar and piano, expanding his musical repertoire and skills. His interest in both classical music and contemporary genres, including punk and metal, led to extensive performances across Southern California. During this time, Elyahn also enjoyed songwriting and applying extended techniques to both electric bass guitar and double bass.

Teaching music became a significant part of Elyahn’s life while he was still a teenager. For the past two years, he has formally instructed high school students in San Diego, nurturing each student’s unique interests to enhance their creative expression and technical skills.

Continuing to pursue his passion for music, Elyahn is currently a senior at San Diego State University, majoring in Music. With a strong background in guitar and piano, he has also gained extensive experience playing the double bass, studying under Jeremy Kurtz-Harris for the past three years.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree, Elyahn plans to pursue graduate studies in music theory. He looks forward to working with new students and helping them explore their musical talents.

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