Piano & Voice

Michelle began playing piano by ear when she was six years old. Writing, performing, and recording music has been a constant routine throughout her life. Her childhood education spans twelve years of private piano tutoring, voice lessons, and participation in several bands.

Her education includes study with Berkeley School of Music with an emphasis on songwriting, jazz history, and ear training through San Diego’s Grossmont College, as well as time spent in Australia through religious-based music programs. “It has never been one thing for me when it comes to learning. I was homeschooled and have always drawn from a variety of life experiences and education to expand my passion for music and performance as an art form.”

In 2013, Wake moved to New York City where she found a new voice for herself with a band and the release of her album “To Disappear,” subsequently forming her own music publishing company with a discography that includes the release of two full albums and three EPs and over a million plays on Spotify.

Her teaching style incorporates a solid foundation of theory and exercises to ensure fluidity in the proper execution for performance pieces. Students are able to choose their area of interest in music at whatever level they find themselves.

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