Guitar, bass, banjo, cavaquinho, ukulele teacher & Event Coordinator

Nate - TeacherNate is a Tokyo-born multi-instrumentalist knowledgeable in a variety of musical styles. Nate has been a musical educator for over 15 years with a teaching history spanning all age groups and experience levels.

Nate teaches guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, banjo, cavaquinho and ukulele. His stylistic strengths are in Rock, Samba/MPB, Classical/Flamenco, Funk, and Country/Americana/Folk.

His approach to teaching is focused on the personal goals and growth of his clients, which are of course, allowed to change and expand. Sessions will focus on the most important things: applied music theory, technique, repertoire, and personal expression. We will develop our talents through studying what other great musicians have done, all while applying these skills to express ourselves and to connect with others through the art form of music.

Music Lessons in San Diego Point Loma area

All Ages and All Levels Welcome!

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