Piano, guitar and voice teacher

Randa was born in the Middle East and a raised in San Diego . In 2019, she was recognized in the Chaldean Weekly magazine as one of the first female middle eastern conductors. Randa started conducting through being a church pianist which led to a great passion for conducting. She is currently working on finishing her Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on piano performance and instrumental conducting at San Diego State University. 

Randa studied instrumental conducting with James Sepulvado and Erick Garriott, Classical Piano with Tina Chong, Classical Guitar with Fred Benedetti and Cello with Eileen Marttinez. Randa is also a participant in multiple music festivals and workshops around America and Europe. Not only is Randa continuously learning and improving as a performer, she is also improving as a teacher, participating in multiple classes and workshops on teaching and piano pedagogy.

Learning music is a journey that takes years of dedication and progress; however that journey is full of wonders and joy.

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