Studio Policy

Monthly Lesson Membership:

Our students pay by the month and attend 30 or 60 minute weekly private lessons. Payment is processed via automatic billing and due at the beginning of each month.


Cancellation Policy:

In those cases when you can’t make it physically to your lesson, you can attend your lesson virtually (online), or you can have a friend or family member jump into that lesson spot (either in-person or virtually). If you can’t take your lesson online or have a friend or family member benefit from your spot, we can create an assignment for you that you can access online to keep your learning moving forward until your next lesson.

Withdrawal Deadline:

Paper Moon Music requires that you give notice of your intent to withdraw from lessons by the 15th of the calendar month in order not to be charged for the following month of lessons. This allows the studio reasonable time to stop payments with the financial institution/payment processing company and allows us time to schedule new students into your time slot. 

48-Week Calendar:

Paper Moon Music is open 12 months a year (48 weeks). Tuition is based on an average of four lessons per month through the calendar year and is not increased or decreased for long or short months.

We have taken out all the holidays and days we are closed and averaged it out over the course of the year.  Most months you will get 4 lessons, some months you will get 5 because there are 5 weeks that month, and other months you may only get 3 because of a holiday, but you are never paying for a day that we are closed.

Because of this, monthly tuition is neither increased nor decreased for months which happen to have three or five weekly sessions per month.

Open Door Policy:

Parents are always welcome to sit in on their child’s lesson!

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