Studio Policy

Monthly Lesson:

Our students pay by the month and attend 30, 60, or 90-minute lessons weekly. Payment is due at the beginning of each month.


Make-up Lesson / Cancellation Policy:

A missed appointment is a loss for everyone. All lessons canceled with more than 24-hour notice may be rescheduled within the calendar month but not after (lessons cannot be “rolled over” to the next month). Make-up lessons will be scheduled according to the instructor’s availability and that of the studio; your lessons can also be rescheduled with another Paper Moon Music teacher. To schedule a make-up, the lesson must have been canceled with 24-hour prior notice. Those appointments not canceled with 24-hour notice will not be eligible for make-ups.

*Because you are paying for a month of lessons, the number of lessons you have each month will vary depending on the number of days in that month. There are normally 4 instances in a year when you will have an extra 5th lesson even though you will only be paying for 4. Throughout the year, this “extra lesson” leaves a buffer for those rare instances when your teacher cannot make a lesson due to illness or travel. This means that your teacher may miss a lesson up to 4 times per year and not make up that lesson.

Two Week Notice of Withdrawal:

You may withdraw from your lessons at any time; however, Paper Moon Music requests that you give 2 weeks notice so that we may schedule new students into your time slot.

Summer Vacation:

Paper Moon Music operates year-round and does not close for the summer. We are open on most national holidays including Memorial Day and Labor Day. If you are taking a month off for vacation and want to resume the following month, you will be taken off of the schedule and may lose your time slot when you return. You may reserve your time slot by continuing your normal monthly payments.

Open Door Policy:

Parents are always welcome to sit in on lessons.

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