Student Recitals

Show your progress and gain lifelong experience!

Our recitals provide students a welcoming environment to perform prepared musical selections in front of a real audience in a supportive and encouraging setting.

Students of all ages and levels are eligible to participate in our recitals. Check with your instructor about what you would like to perform!

Any Student Can Perform!

All current students are invited to participate.

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Build Confidence

Performing gives students a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Meet Fellow Students!

Build creative relationships that will last a lifetime.

Music recitals are one of the most effective ways to help students develop their musicianship.



Recitals require you to set a goal and methodically work toward achieving it.


Playing music recitals builds performance experience, confidence and offers real-time feedback to students.


Get motivated by watching how much your fellow students are improving.

Music Lessons in San Diego Point Loma area

All Ages and All Levels Welcome!

Lessons are first come, first served. Contact today to arrange your first lesson!