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Here you will find free downloadable guitar sheet music in PDF format. Click on its "Title" to view the score. We have personally transcribed and notated these pieces with the intention of making all fingerings clear and understandable, please contact Paper Moon Music with any questions.

ClassicalEl AbejorroPujol, Emilio
ClassicalAdelitaTárrega, Francisco
ClassicalAndantinoCarcassi, Mateo
ClassicalStudy in E minorCarcassi, Mateo
ClassicalLagrimaTárrega, Francisco
ClassicalDance of the Sugar Plum FairyTchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich
ClassicalGymnopedie no. 1Satie, Erik
ClassicalEstudio no. 2Tárrega, Francisco
ClassicalEl ColibriSagreras, Julio
BluesGot the Blues and Can't Be SatisfiedMississippi John Hurt
BrazilianSons de Carrilhoes - The Sound of BellsPernambuco, Joao
Blues5 Gypsy Jazz Licks5 easy to learn licks you can play over minor chords.
ClassicalBourree in E MinorBach, Johann SebastianA Baroque piece which has become one of the most recognizable pieces in the classical guitar repertoire. Originally composed for lute, this is the fifth movement of Bach's "Suite in E Minor".
BrazilianBrasileirinhoPernambuco, JoaoA Brazilian choro piece with an uncommon arpeggio pattern.
Classical, BrazilianEtude No. 1Villa-Lobos, HeitorA famous classical guitar study by one of Brazil's great composers; terrific for your right hand!
BrazilianDivagando - Domingo SemenzatoSemenzato, DomingoA fun and easy to play Brazilian choro.
ClassicalEstudio Sencillo #6Brouwer, Leo A modern and mysterious-sounding arpeggio study with 2 tricky right hand patterns. Although it's for the right hand, this is also a great way to work on your left hand positioning, as it requires keeping your pinky curved and clear of the 1st string throughout the entire study.
ClassicalAndanteCarulli, FerdinandoA simple, early intermediate classical guitar study.
ClassicalRomanzaAnonymousA terrific piece for beginning and intermediate guitarists - a great way to work on arpeggios.
Folk Scarborough FairAnonymousAn easy fingerstyle arrangement of the English folk song made popular by Simon and Garfunkel.
FlamencoEl Espejismo - Rumba in A minorAn original rumba with arpeggios and plenty of legato passages.
BluesMoonglow Chord melody
ClassicalHallelujahLeonard CohenSolo guitar arrangement
Latin JazzGentle RainBonfa, LuizThis bossa nova is a well known jazz standard. The pdf here is in "lead sheet" format - with the melody in notation and tablature and all chord shapes included. Refer to our practice loop video for this song to practice playing the melody and chords.
Latin JazzBlue BossaJazz standard chords and melody
ClassicalRomanza Tremelo Variation - EasyAnonymousThis easier tremelo variation is limited to the treble strings only so that your thumb doesn't have to work as hard.
ClassicalAllegro (Opus 48 no. 6)Giuliani,MauroThis is a great right hand study to develop your "double arpeggio" technique. Check out our lesson for this piece on the videos page.
ClassicalRomanza Tremelo VariationAnonymousThis is a variation of Romanza using the more advanced classical tremelo technique (p-a-m-i)
FlamencoFarrucaTraditionalThis is a very brief version of the basic compás of this dance form, with a short picado falseta.
ClassicalVals - Pica PicaThis south American waltz is very fun to play and not too difficult. Also known as Quiero Ser tu Sombra.