"For the last three years I have had the good fortune of working with Joe Amato as a guitar teacher. I started playing the guitar more than 20 years ago and for the last several years had tried self-help lessons and various books. None of these grabbed me in a way that made me want to really practice and I felt as though I was stuck on a plateau. That began to change from the first time we sat down and I described my areas of interest - it became clear to me that Joe had the knowledge, experience, and depth I needed in a teacher. Every lesson covered a technique or song or theory and the lessons began to motivate me to practice more and really think about the concepts. His approach during our lessons - relaxed, patient, flexible, and encouragement continues to propel me forward to learn and grow as a guitar player. This positive dynamic has made the last three years a joy. Now I am a better and happier guitar player, I realize that musical learning is journey for life, and I have three more guitars than when I started!" - Rob Carle

"Nathan is a great teacher and it's been a lot of fun studying with him. Besides helping me improve technique and fingering, he has allowed me to understand the feel & nuances in the various pieces and get more quality into my playing." - Bardia Pishdad

"Scot Taber is an incredibly talented musician. He is a very patient guitar teacher and has allowed me to learn at my own pace. I would recommend Scot without hesitation to anyone seeking guitar lessons." - Ed Aakhus

"For the past 6 months, Joe has been instructing my 9 year old son weekly. Joe is very patient and has a way of not only making my son pay attention but also eager to learn how to play. He has exceeded my expectations and more importantly, he has exceeded my son's expectations. Joe has an obvious extensive history of the art of the guitar, what's amazing is how he is able to articulate it in a way that a young child understands. Thanks Joe!" - Tim LePelley, father of Milan LePelley

"Scot is an amazing talent and provides me with inspiration. In little over a year, I have learned a tremendous amount about classical and flamenco guitar. It helps a great deal to have an awesome instructor who is very knowledgeable and extremely patient. His lesson plans are tailored to what I want to learn and the music that we work on, covers all the techniques that are necessary to improve my skills. He makes every lesson fun and he works with me until I am comfortable to move on." - John Custodio

"Joe is a great Guitar Teacher. He has amazing guitar skills and is 100% fun ! He is very cooperative with kids of all ages, take me for example I started on my 8th birthday, it hasn't been a year and I'm already great at the 6th string. Overall Paper Moon Music rocks!!!" - Alistair D. Vizuet

"I have played various instruments during my life and always wanted to play classical guitar. I looked for an instructor for a long time and finally was introduced to Joe Amato. He had excellent credentials plus a very patient personality in addition to being an excellent guitarist. He always seems to know what I need next and stresses having fun with it. I have surpassed what I felt I could do in a year and a half and I am having a great time. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn various guitar styles or improve their present perfomance and abilities. I always look forward to my next lesson." - Gerry McCracken

"I started taking classical guitar lessons with Nathan about 4 months ago. At that time I could not play a thing on my (then new) classical guitar. I found Nathan's demeanor and teaching style very laid back but focused and effective even though I am a very busy person and can not commit nearly as much time to practice as I should and would like to; I average about an hour of practice per day. Nathan's patience and his unique way of motivating me as well as his willingness to work with me at my own pace make me a very pleased student. I am really pleased to see my constant, linear progress and improvement in my playing. I leave each session with a sense of accomplishment and can't wait to get back home and practice. "Today, after about four months of lessons with Nathan, I can play a few simple classical pieces, I am working on a more difficult and lengthy one (about 5 min. long) - I didn't expect such quick progress in my wildest dreams. I am really enjoying the whole experience, find it very rewarding and always look forward to the next lesson. I highly recommend Nathan as a guitar teacher to anyone who wants to learn guitar at their own pace and see notable progress after just a handful of lessons." - Matt Szubrycht

"Talented, patient instructors who really know their stuff. They don't teach straight out of books like a lot of instructors." - Brady J.

"I started taking guitar lessons with Alex Meyers earlier this year. I was new to the guitar and I have learned so much with Alex. Alex is a highly trained guitarist with a master's degree in guitar performance, but he is also excellent at building up a beginner's skills step by step. I really appreciate how well he can explain the reasons and the theory for everything we do along the way. He is very adaptive as well. When I have trouble with a particular technique, he provides an exercise which fixes my problem so I can move on. I highly recommend guitar instruction with Alex." - Rupit Patel

"Paper Moon is a great community of support to help people enrich their lives through the understanding and practice of music." - Ben S.

"I have been playing for a long time and have had lessons with many different teachers. I can say that Nathan is one of the best! He was able to identify and correct some weak spots in my technique right away. He also has the ability and patience to break down complex passages, he took my playing to the next level!" - Mark LeSage

"When I first began taking lessons from Nathan about 4 years ago, i had no guitar experience whatsoever. After the first few lessons i was almost in tears because I thought I would never be able to play guitar. However, with Nathan's patience and styles of teaching, I was able to complete anything he threw at me. I believe that i have advanced more with him than i ever could have with another teacher. He is an amazing guitarist and anybody (young or old) would be able to learn guitar with Nathan as their teacher." - Daniel Schmidt

"I think I came a long way after i started lessons with Dillon. I can play solos and do pretty much what i can imagine just after a year, he helped me out a lot." - Berke Yeni

"Thanks Scot, I felt like I was being taught by a “real” teacher. You were well organized and provided me with clear instructions in the studio as well as homework which I needed to work on. Again, thank you." - Glen Tolentino

"Not only did Scot Taber correct my bad habits (thumb over the neck, fingertip position, picking style, the list goes on), but I also learned chord building, modal soloing, getting started with sight reading, right hand technique and playing and understanding different styles and genres of music - all in about six months. From jazz to flamenco, scot is very diverse in his teaching and playing as well as an extremely patient person. The lesson plans are good and Scot mixes in learning songs which certainly helps keep interest alive." - Harry Price

"Scot makes sure that lessons are interesting and increasingly challenging. . .so that the learner can improve without getting bored. I highly recommend Scot Taber to anyone who wants a high caliber and dedicated instructor." - Chris Schmidt

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be one of your students! All I knew was a few open chords and about three scales, and now I feel that I have improved my guitar skills by 200%!" - Garrett Kitterman

"I've been going to Joe for guitar lessons for over four years. Not only is Joe an excellent instructor for guitar technique and theory, he has been an excellent role model to me for the more intangible side of playing, the side that demonstrates how beautiful the guitar can sound. He can teach the student using musical notation, tab, and he can play from ear almost any tune you might want. Well versed in many musical styles, Joe is a great teacher for the electric and classical/acoustic guitar. Joe's love for the instrument and music makes his lessons a positive and enriching experience for all ages." - Sharon K.

"I'm a beginner guitar student learning flamenco techniques with Scot. Scot is an excellent teacher! He has great teaching methods and insight." - Jose Rodrigues

"My three children wanted to play different instruments and there are so many instructors at Paper Moon Music, it was very easy for us to choose a time and date to fit our busy schedule. The teachers have always been very positive and encouraging to all of my children!" - Jane O.

"Nathan Ware's combined skill, experience and love for music make him a highly qualified guitar teacher. His love for music is contagious and inspires you to put more time into your music. Since taking guitar lessons with Nathan last fall, I have seen various areas of my playing improve. He is expierienced in many different genres of music. It does not matter if you are just starting or are avanced, Nathan will take your guitar playing to a whole new level. His patience seperates him from the average guitar teacher. "He takes each lesson personally and invests his time and energy to improve your playing. I reccomend Nathan to any serious musician who wants to take their playing to the next level!" - Brian Delmore

"As the General Sales Manager at Mark's Guitar Exchange San Diego, I always send my new customers to Paper Moon. THE best place for all ages to learn a stringed instrument. Great environment and great teachers who share the same principles we use here: kindness & patience." - Jeff L, Mark's Guitar Exchange

"I really enjoy both private and ensemble lessons with Alex. He is very helpful, always upbeat, patient and positive. The time flies during our lessons and I'm having a blast. Playing flamenco for the first time after a few years of soft rock lessons is tough and rewarding thanks to Alex!" - Ed Vaisman

"Nate has been my teacher for a year and a half and he's been really patient, he doesn't get mad at you if you weren't able to practice guitar over the week, and he takes things slow so that you don't feel like you have a lot of things to practice. And over all he's just really nice and fun and a very good teacher to have." - Lucy White

"Scot's thorough knowledge of music and educational skills were instrumental to my acceptance to the classical guitar program at Virginia Commonwealth University." - Nick Pohoreskey

"I highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for a guitar teacher. Alex is very talented and has a wonderful passion for playing and teaching. I look forward to our lessons and I'm learning so much from him!" - Vickie Gordon

"Choosing the right teacher was vital to my success in learning guitar. Scot provides a fun learning environment that helped me reach my goals. Everything from classical and rock techniques to my favorite songs, he has made learning a lot easier than I thought it would be." - Heather Moore

"I have learned so much from Scot about guitar. I started off really into rock and contemporary music, but have learned to appreciate and respect classical guitar and in fact, the understanding of the classical modes has improved my ear." - Matt Ross

"every instructor is extremely talented and knowledgeable. Studio is cozy and clean and you feel welcomed and comfortable right away. So glad we found this place...I can't imagine us anywhere else. - Angela J, La Jolla

"Nathan is a great guitar teacher. We enjoy his mellow, yet encouraging attitude. He goes out of his way to find music that is interesting for teens and helps growth as a musician. He is always accommodating for class times. He has been a pleasure to work with." - Student

"Excellent instruction and fun. Just a great environment to learn. Thanks to everyone at Paper Moon Music!" - Stephan C.

"Scot's personal attention and vast knowledge of the guitar and music theory have paid off dramatically for me and my playing ability in just a couple of months. The other members of my band as well as fans who follow us have remarked on how much better I sound. I truly believe that Scot hods the key to unlocking the musician in anyone. Thanks Scot!" - Michael Stock

"I have played the guitar for many years and have taken lessons in the past with some fabulous teachers. I had been looking for a teacher here in San Diego for some time. I heard about Joe Amato from a friend and decided to start lessons with him about six months ago. Joe is a fabulous musician and teacher. He has excellent technique, knows many styles, is patient, and has a great ear for music. My goal is to develop the ability to figure out songs on my own and to end up with a repertoire of songs that I love and that I can play well. We spend time during the lessons figuring out the songs, learning about chord theory, and just having a great time. My repertoire is coming along and I always look forward to the class. I highly recommend Joe as a guitar teacher for either beginners or advanced students." - Julia Burnier

"Joe is an excellent guitar teacher. He is very patient, knowledgeable, and makes playing guitar fun." - Christina Kelbaugh, age 11

"I started taking guitar lessons from Scot at Paper Moon Music a little over a year ago, and I can't speak highly enough about the experience I've had there. "Far from one of those "watch me shred" kind of guitar teachers. Scot teaches *you* how to play the guitar... and all the stuff that comes along with it. Music theory, improvisation, reading music (if you want to) lots of songs, and all the exercises that help you do it all better. It's cool that from day one, you get to learn songs you like and are familiar with and that keeps it fun. "But the best part about learning guitar there for me is how patient Scot is with teaching. Some things take time to get (or get better at,) and at Paper Moon it hasn't ever felt rushed or pressured. "If you are thinking about learning guitar, Paper Moon should be your first call!" - Chris Bonham

"I was a bit anxious at first given my old age, but soon realized there were other students at Paper Moon that were of my same age, or older, and everybody in between me and the teenagers. The music studio is first class, comfortable, and conducive to learning. Most rewarding activity I've undertaken in years. - Matt D., San Diego

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