Matt Szubrycht

“I started taking classical guitar lessons with Nathan about 4 months ago. At that time I could not play a thing on my (then new) classical guitar. I found Nathan’s demeanor and teaching style very laid back but focused and effective even though I am a very busy person and can not commit nearly as much time to practice as I should and would like to; I average about an hour of practice per day. Nathan’s patience and his unique way of motivating me as well as his willingness to work with me at my own pace make me a very pleased student. I am really pleased to see my constant, linear progress and improvement in my playing. I leave each session with a sense of accomplishment and can’t wait to get back home and practice.

“Today, after about four months of lessons with Nathan, I can play a few simple classical pieces, I am working on a more difficult and lengthy one (about 5 min. long) – I didn’t expect such quick progress in my wildest dreams. I am really enjoying the whole experience, find it very rewarding and always look forward to the next lesson. I highly recommend Nathan as a guitar teacher to anyone who wants to learn guitar at their own pace and see notable progress after just a handful of lessons.”

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