Rob Carle

“For the last three years I have had the good fortune of working with Joe Amato as a guitar teacher. I started playing the guitar more than 20 years ago and for the last several years had tried self-help lessons and various books. None of these grabbed me in a way that made me want to really practice and I felt as though I was stuck on a plateau. That began to change from the first time we sat down and I described my areas of interest – it became clear to me that Joe had the knowledge, experience, and depth I needed in a teacher. Every lesson covered a technique or song or theory and the lessons began to motivate me to practice more and really think about the concepts. His approach during our lessons – relaxed, patient, flexible, and encouragement continues to propel me forward to learn and grow as a guitar player. This positive dynamic has made the last three years a joy. Now I am a better and happier guitar player, I realize that musical learning is journey for life, and I have three more guitars than when I started!”

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